Stained Glass

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St. Augustine painting

St. Augustine | gouache-on-panel | 65 × 44 inches

St. Lawrence Painting

St. Lawrence | gouache on panel | 50 × 30 inches

St. Dominic painting

St. Dominic | gouache on panel | 60 × 36 inches

St. John the Evangelical Painting

St. John the Evangelical | gouache on panel | 60 × 36 inches

St Mary Magdalene Painting

St. Mary Magdalene | gouache on panel | 30 × 24 inches

Christmases Painting

Christmases | oil on canvas | 2 panels | 37 × 50 inches each

Nativities Painting

Nativities | oil on canvas

Stained Glass Installation View

Installation view

Stained Glass Installation View

Installation view

Stained Glass

ThreeWalls, Chicago, IL


SOLO artist Ann Toebbe paints portraits of interior spaces that she reconstructs from memory. Combining multiple viewpoints, pictorial abstraction and symbolic reference, Toebbe’s technique demotes nostalgia and focuses instead on the rooms and the objects that contain mundane memories of banal activities, turning them into jewel-like objects whose detailed splendor evokes Russian icon and medieval painting, Cubism and folk art.

For her SOLO exhibiton, Toebbe has painted Catholic church interiors she remembers from childhood, and her parents’ living room at Christmas, hoping to translate her experience as an adult atheist artist into pictures that explore the mysticism of painting and the pop culture  undertones of contemporary religion.